Saturday, 26 February 2011

Hairy JACK at the QUEENS. (And they didnt play ACE OF SPADES)

First off, I would like to apologise for the title of this post...but i have warned you against this kind of thing before.

WOW, well talk about getting back into the game!! As most of you probably know, these early months of the year aren't particularly the best for pubs. People still feeling the cost of Christmas, bad weather and just general high living costs make it a much easier (and cosier) to stay at home. Now this week, in the battle of pulling the punters, we decide to book the band that for each of the 2 times they've played, they've pulled some of our biggest crowds....and let me tell you something, they didn't disappoint!

Hairy jack. A local band who don't just play rock covers, but they play them bloody well, and with also a giant dose of fun thrown in to the mix, they just never fail in giving us a good night. An evening of thrills, spills (who put that bloomin glass there!!) and a great atmosphere all round meant that plenty of drinking was being done (all 3 ales at the bar were changed, which is a bloody good sign) and in a evening where pretty much all our regulars (who are all bloody friendly people and who, are again apart of what makes this job so special to me and who also made learning to work behind the bar a MUCH easier experience....I wont name you all, but you know who you are.) where at the pub to have a good time, but also to wish a happy birthday to local Marzena, who was celebrating at the pub, gave the evening a special feel to it as well.

On an unfortunate down note, a regular and friend of the pub had their phone stolen by a man posing as a Big Issue seller (which is annoying because A: just don't steal!! and B: it discredits honest Big issue sellers.) If anyone as any info on the matter, please let us know. Thank you!!
Right. Best ready for work me thinks...Tutty byes


  1. I agree, fab evening! Pity about the dodgy Big Issue, off with the vagabonds hands I say!

  2. Sorry I missed it! Very pleased that the night was a success though.

    Feel free to upload photos to the facebook page if you like :)