Friday, 25 February 2011

What are fridays for??

Well its a Friday, and its my day off. What to do, what to do? I think its a day were i should try and relax and unwind but as things turned wasn't that bloomin simple.

First item on my list of things to do today was bottle my latest home brew experiment, which was a honey and maple syrup wheat beer with banana.....mmmmm tasty, tasty yes but a real bugger to bottle. I wont go into the details but lets just say that syphoning is a bitch. Here's a picture to the right of the bottled beer. Yes i know it kinda looks like electric horse piss...but as long as it doesn't TASTE like it, then who cares??

Next on my list of things to do was go to the pub. Not because I'm some raving alcoholic (ish maybe) but its one that I've been suggested to go to for around about 6 months and I've only just had the chance to pop along to. I'm heading along down to none other then the red lion in Snargate.

Now. Thanks to the ever reliable Southern rail (note the sarcasm) I ended up getting to the pub an hour later then planned, at around 1:45 (and being an old style pub that closes a 3pm, that was kinda annoying) but once inside, i found the trip was more then worth it. I'm not going to drag on about all the good stuff about the pub, because i want you to at least to still be awake at the end of this, but the beer was great (Goachers mild and Skinners spriggan ale being pretty tasty), the regulars being friendly and just by the building itself being like an effing time machine made the place feel special and part of a dying breed of traditional English get down there if you get a chance to, even if pubs arn't your thing....who knows how long this kinda place will last??

Right, I'm gonna try and spend the rest of my Friday night like a normal 20 year old by going out and having a good time. (I hope)

Till next time my friends.

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