Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Bottle that brew!....plus things to look forward to.

Well today's the day when I decided to bottle my latest batch of home brew. My nettle, dandelion, juniper Berry and honey beer. It had a pretty lively fermentation and it has got its self down to the level that I can bottle it a few days earlier then I thought it would, which is a nice change. (if only southern rail was that efficient...)

It was probably the first time Ive bottled something without at least one thing going wrong like me spilling a load of beer on the floor (my dad didn't appreciate that one much) or me sterilising all my bottling gear and then accidentally dropping it all on the floor wile trying to carry it upstairs....and having to clean it again. (I'm a clumsy git....I know).Annoyingly, now's the fun part where I have to wait at least 3 weeks to try it properly...but I can say one thing, there was a small amount left over that was pointless to put in a bottle, so I gave it a try in its un-matured state...and it was surprisingly nice! It had a faint lemony zing that cut through the honeys sweetness, but it also had a nice floral after taste. If its like this now...I cant wait to try it in 3+ weeks!

I'm going to give cider making a go next (Ive got a brand new combine harvester, an' I'll give you the key) but I'm going to be cheating a bit (a lot) by using apple juice that Ive brought rather the pressed etc... myself. No need to be boring though...I'm going to find some way to kick up a notch (Chuck Norris style) and make it interesting for ya.

In other news. I got my latest delivery of beers from around the world for me to try and most likely review on the blog today. It includes special beers such as a Kellerbier (One of the oldest German beer styles...but Ill tell you more about it when I drink it), another Brew Dog beer that was brewed to a recipe designed by beer writes Pete Brown, Zak Avery and Mark Dredge (these names mean nothing to you don't they?), some specials from Sierra Nevada in America and a few Belgian brews in the mix as well. so look out for posts on them. (oh yeah....I can tell you cant wait)

Well I gotta now. Take care all.


  1. All I will say is Nom Nom Nom

  2. Ooh, I tried my first Sierra Nevada beer on Thursday - their pale ale. Very nice indeed - far nicer than most of the bottled beers on offer in London restaurants. I was impressed!