Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Beer: part of the balanced diet!!...For those who are silly

First of all, I would like to say that I realise that I'm posting blog updates like a rabbit this week, but when you have as much random crap as me to say...well....what else can you do??

I heard something yesterday that got me thinking (and God we all know that it takes alot). I bumped in to a regular on the way to work...naming no names, but you know who you are...anyways, after a quick chat with Ben, I asked if he was coming to the pub anytime soon. The reply was no because he was trying to lose some weight. Now this shocked me because being someone who knows about these things, I've come to learn that weight put on through beer drinking is an important and healthy part of our diet and stopping could cause more harm then good.

Beer fat as I like to call it, is designed to keep us warm on those long walks back home on cold, wet and windy Saturday nights and also to create extra padding around the liver to stop anything from the outside damaging it. (cause again, God knows how much help that the livers gonna need). Beer also helps us relax, ease high blood pressure and its also full of nutrients. Below is a pie chart that shows the results of many minutes of very scientific and technological guesswork that shows that we need beer in our daily diet.

So there you have it! Undeniable proof that beers good for us and we need it to be no more of this funny business about not coming to the pub. OK

DISCLAIMER: I, Matthew Turner openly admit that the above information is total rubbish and it holds no scientific or medical truth, but its my day off and I'm bored, so what else am I gonna do?? I'm sure a pint or so a day wont cause you any harm anyway....probably


  1. Are you serving the Pie with chips or can I have a side salard? and of course a Pint of your best Beer

  2. Well chips would be best I think, I could even go all northern and have some gravy aswell.