Saturday, 5 March 2011

Festival update

I write this feeling drained, sleepy but also, amazingly...sober. Well as expected, its hit the weekend and its been busy, really busy. The festival is going great now with unlike the last festival, we actually have all the beers selling well rather then just a couple of really popular ones. My personal favourites have to be Cairingorm Black Gold Stout, a rich, warming full bodied stout with wonderful flavours of bitter coffee, roasted barley and with slight malty finish makes it a pretty tasty number, but of course my favourite has to be the Hop Top.

What can i say?? boy did it live up to the hype. With a rich golden appearance, an aroma of apples, pine and a hint of grapefruit and a wonderful, complex taste that makes it sooo much better then some of the other beers in this style that I've tried. The first thing that is noticeable is the flavour of rich bitter marmalade that is perfectly matched by a smooth blackcurrant sweetness. The next slightly alarming thing about this beer is that for being 9%...its dangerously drinkable. you can tell that its strong, but the flavours blend so well that it hides the strength like a ninja. I don't know if The Old Dairy intend to brew this beer again, but my god they should, and if they do, they should make more hype about it, because its a great beer and beats some of the American brews at their own game.

The weekend really as been enjoyable so far...busy and knackering as hell, but still fun. We've seen alot of new faces and a bloody good chunk of familiar ones (which is always good to see) but there's still a few days left to go so i hope to see some more beer being drunk by you all soon.

In other news. I've just applied to join the first leg of a trip called The Great Baltic Adventure. I wont bore you with all the details, but its basically a 5 leg trip, sailing from London to St Petersburg in a 60ft clipper carrying 12+ cask of beer. Sounds bloody good to me.

Right, I'm off to bed now cause I'm bloomin sleepy. Night all.

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  1. Even from a none working standpoint it was a bloody good weekend... Roll on the next Festival!