Monday, 14 March 2011

Dealing with violence...just apart of the job??

I would like to chat about something seriously today, if you don't mind too much.

When I first started this job almost a year ago, some of the first things I was told I would need to learn, but only I could through experience, was to be aware of my surroundings and to be always watching whats happening around the bar, even doing so without making it obvious I am. More seriously then that though, I would have to learn how to handle the situation if a fight ever broke out or if a customer became violent and aggressive. Learning these things was never going to be the most fun aspect of the job.

This Friday gone, for the first time, I dealt with one of those situations. It wasn't too big and I wont go into the full details of it, but a glass pint jug was thrown, a window was damaged and there was a scuffle outside. I was told I dealt with it really well but to be brutally honest, I knew the person causing the problem well and had it been a complete stranger, I don't think I would of been so fast and confidant with dealing with it. I'm a pretty small guy and I'm also fully aware that I'm a weak, un-intimidating person to boot, so in hairy situation I'm not really the best guy in the world to handle someone being violent, and in a fight, I'm just as likely to back away and give in as the french. (sorry, bad joke...but you didn't really expect me to be 100% serious did you??)

I'm really lucky to be where I work. Its mostly a very friendly and calm place, with this scuffle being probably the 2nd major problem in 10 months, I would say that this was pretty good going. Not all pubs are this lucky though, and there must be places all round the country were things like this happen most weekends, and also... most likely, much worse. I know that working in a pub where there is a constant treat of violence would really worry me and I would probably not last very long in the job, but what about the people who do work there?? Do they just take it as apart of the job and take it in their stride or do some spend the last hour before work praying for an easy shift??

Maybe I'm looking too much into it, and maybe nowhere is really that bad, but it does make me think hard this job could be and just how lucky I am.

Would be great to hear some peoples opinion on this. Thanks and see ya next time.

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  1. Ok well here is my opinion on the whole situation. I heard what happened first by you then by someone else. He is very very happy and grateful with how you handled yourself. But that's not my opinion of it that's someone else's.

    My opinion is this. Being someone you know is harder because even if you don't necessarily like the person there is still an attachment to them, after everything had happened you would still see that person time and time again and sometimes that can be more dangerous, especially if that person holds grudges. Most strangers that you will have to deal with you would never see again, so although their one night of violence is a tough one its only a one off thing.

    The other great thing you have to remember though is that as much as you may feel alone when a situation like that comes up, you're not. You have lots of great co-workers there who would back you up in a heart beat, and you know if I am ever there when it happens I will have your back.

    And just to lighten the mood just remember your secret weapon... Pun them to death :) We loves you and you did an outstanding job!